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Business Credit Risk Report

Our report can provide key information about a company's financial health, yet many companies aren’t fully aware of what it is, how it works, or how it can be leveraged to help win contracts, prove your company's creditworthiness, or help reduce costs associated with interest rates and insurance premiums.

Reduce risk with Credit Risk Report

Credilit provides comprehensive business credit data for effective trade risk assessment, offering profound insights into a company's credit history in a user-friendly format. Our reports feature a credit score, enabling quick assessments of creditworthiness and predicting potential defaults in the next 12 to 24 months. Conducting these checks helps set suitable trade terms for customers and evaluate suppliers, enhancing supply chain security and risk mitigation.

Our Core Business Data

Unlocking the Power of Our Comprehensive Business Credit Report Features for Informed Decisions

Basic Business Information

Business Registration Information, Business Activities and Management Information

Depth Business Information

Board of directors information, Management Information, and Industry Analysis

Financial Statements

Income Statements, Balance Sheet, Financial Analysis and Financial Ratios

Credit Rating Score

Credit Risk Analysis, Rating, Credit Limit, and Credit Risk Determine

Shareholders Report

Shareholders Information, Nationality, Share type, Number of shares, and analysis

Legal Filing History

Litigation Search, Bankruptcy History, Tax filings, Court judgements, and others

Access 50+ data points for informed credit decisions

Report Database
Industry Experience

Credilit's Global Database

Discover our global services reaching an array of clients worldwide, from multinational conglomerates and banks to financial institutions, credit insurance companies, SMEs, corporate entities, and international credit agencies. Our commitment lies in delivering customized solutions, addressing the distinctive requirements of each client in this diverse business environment. Explore how we tailor our expertise to meet your unique needs.

Benefits of Choosing Us

Global Reach

Our enriched global partnerships with leading credit reporting companies and professional credit reporting associations enhance our strength and effectiveness.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our advanced systems consistently deliver fast, precise, and up-to-date credit reports through thorough investigation every time.

Exceptional Support

Our dedicated team prioritizes your urgent needs to ensure a consistently fast and seamless experience at all times.

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Our Global Reach​

We are powered by the world's biggest credit reporting agencies.

CRIF Solutions Private Ltd.

Credilit Limited is pleased to introduce its collaborative venture with CRIF Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Asian arm of the globally renowned credit reporting leader, CRIF SPA. As an integral part of the international credit solutions landscape, CRIF excels in retail credit management, banking information, and global business and commercial insights, operating in 160 countries. CRIF boasts an extensive network that spans 10,000+ financial institutions, 600+ insurance companies, and serves over 50 million active clients. This strategic partnership reinforces Credilit Limited's commitment to delivering unparalleled international credit solutions. Our combined expertise, supported by CRIF's vast resources, positions us as leaders in providing comprehensive and sophisticated credit insights and solutions to our clients.

Dynamic Business Information Ltd.

Dynamic Business Information Ltd.

Dynamic Business Information Limited (DBI), founded in 1994, is a global leader in producing freshly investigated credit reports. With offices in London, Poland, and Malaysia, DBI boasts a team of 50 analysts and over 100 correspondents worldwide, serving the export insurance industry, business information resellers, banks, and various other sectors. Credilit Limited proudly partners with DBI to provide valuable credit insights and opportunities to our clients.

Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd.

Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd.

Gladtrust, established in 2006, specializes in credit risk management for domestic and international clients. Holding a coveted Business Credit Reference License from the People's Bank of China, they maintain a vast database covering information on 180 million Chinese companies. Credilit Limited proudly partners with Gladtrust for essential business credit reports and global support.

Professional Partner SIA

Professional Partner SIA

Professional Partner SIA (ProPartner), a licensed and insured agency, specializes in debt collection and credit risk management. They provide high-level services and reliable credit reports, enabling clients to make crucial business decisions. Committed to ensuring a safer business environment, ProPartner prioritizes expertise and ethics, putting clients' needs first. Credilit Limited is proud to partner with Professional Partner for effective risk management and trustworthy information.

MNS Credit Management Group Private Ltd.

MNS Credit Management Group Private Ltd.

MNS, established in 1996, has maintained an impeccable reputation over the past two decades. Their expert team serves a diverse clientele, from microenterprises to global institutions, spanning multiple continents. With a presence in the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia, MNS is a trusted partner for comprehensive credit solutions. Credilit Limited is proud to collaborate with MNS to deliver exceptional services to clients worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our business credit risk report process is simple, fast and seamless.

  • Email us the information required for reporting. e.g., company name, address, country and registration number (if available).
  • Get your business credit risk report within 24 hours by email.

This varies from country to country but typically, the information that can be verified

  • Basic business information
  • Credit rating score
  • Depth business information
  • Management information
  • Board of directors
  • Directors nationality
  • Shareholders information
  • Financial statements
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial ratios
  • Legal filings and compliances
  • Court judgements
  • Industry analysis

Credilit Limited covers all over the world for business credit risk reports on companies. The number of countries and territories covered is 253, and we continually update our data coverage, so please contact us if your country of interest is not on this list.

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