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Credilit Limited is pleased to introduce its collaborative venture with CRIF Solutions Pvt. Ltd., the Asian arm of the globally renowned credit reporting leader, CRIF SPA. As an integral part of the international credit solutions landscape, CRIF excels in retail credit management, banking information, and global business and commercial insights, operating in 160 countries. CRIF boasts an extensive network that spans 10,000+ financial institutions, 600+ insurance companies, and serves over 50 million active clients. This strategic partnership reinforces Credilit Limited's commitment to delivering unparalleled international credit solutions. Our combined expertise, supported by CRIF's vast resources, positions us as leaders in providing comprehensive and sophisticated credit insights and solutions to our clients.

CRIF's Worldwide Presence

More than 10,500 banks and financial institutions, 600 insurance companies, 82,000 business clients and 1,000,000 consumers use CRIF services in 50 countries on a daily basis

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In Depth of CRIF Solutions

CRIF (pronounced as “krif”) is a global FinTech company from Continental Europe specializing in credit bureau and business information, analytics, scoring, outsourcing and processing services, and credit solutions. It is the leading group in continental Europe in the banking information sector and one of the main operators on an international level for integrated business and commercial information and credit and marketing management services. It is also included in the prestigious FinTech 100, a ranking of the leading global technology solution providers to the financial services industry.

Established in 1988 in Bologna (Italy), CRIF offers banks, financial institutions, utility companies, insurance companies, telecom players, and businesses qualified support in every phase of the customer relationship: from the planning of development strategies to acquisition, through to portfolio management and credit collection. CRIF has over 500 software installations and manages credit bureaus in over 26 countries, including Italy, India, the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Ireland, the Philippines, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Jamaica, Russia, Bangladesh, etc.

Nowadays, more than 10,500 banks and financial institutions, 600 insurance companies, 82,000 business clients, and 1,000,000 consumers use CRIF services in 50 countries across four continents on a daily basis.
In CRIF Solutions, India - CRIF Solutions offers analytics and scoring services, credit management solutions, decision solutions, and business information reports from its center of excellence based in Pune. The services and solutions cover the customer’s entire lifecycle, from marketing, acquisition, risk assessment, customer management, and collection for banking, financial services, insurance, and telecom sectors. The key offerings include credit risk analytics and scorecards for applications, fraud control and collections, a decision rule engine, a loan origin system and debt management platform.

CRIF Solutions strategically partnered with Credilit Limited to deliver CRIF's extensive resources to banks, financial institutions, and businesses in Bangladesh, marking a significant milestone in the country's financial landscape. This collaboration combines CRIF's global FinTech expertise with Credilit Limited's local market knowledge and reach. Credilit Limited, a prominent player in Bangladesh's financial services sector, aims to leverage CRIF's cutting-edge solutions to enhance credit management, risk assessment, and customer relationship processes. The collaboration reinforces Credilit Limited's commitment to delivering world-class financial solutions. Together, CRIF and Credilit Limited play a pivotal role in advancing Bangladesh's financial ecosystem, driving digital transformation, and contributing to overall economic development.

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