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Dynamic Business Information Limited (DBI), founded in 1994, is a global leader in producing freshly investigated credit reports. With offices in London, Poland, and Malaysia, DBI boasts a team of 50 analysts and over 100 correspondents worldwide, serving the export insurance industry, business information resellers, banks, and various other sectors. Credilit Limited proudly partners with DBI to provide valuable credit insights and opportunities to our clients.

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In-Depth of Dynamic Business Information

Dynamic Business Information Limited (“DBI”) was founded in the United Kingdom in 1994 and has since become a leading primary producer of freshly investigated credit reports worldwide. The company's mission is to offer value-added information that assists in assessing credit risk exposure, managing cash flow, meeting financial compliance obligations, and identifying new business opportunities. Headquartered in London, DBI also operates offices in Poland and Malaysia, with a team of 50 qualified analysts and researchers connected to a global network of more than 100 correspondents.

DBI's client base is diverse, with a primary concentration in the export insurance industry. Additionally, the company supplies reports to business information resellers, debt collection agencies, banks, project finance lenders, export houses, financial compliance officers, trade fair exhibitors, sales and marketing professionals, legal and accounting practices, as well as various government bodies.

Credilit Limited takes pride in its partnership with DBI, offering DBI's International Business Credit Reports to Bangladeshi banks, financial institutions, and businesses. This collaboration aims to support entities involved in export and import trading, providing valuable insights to evaluate business partners and assess credit risks. Through this partnership, Credilit Limited and DBI contribute to the growth and success of Bangladeshi businesses by facilitating informed decision-making in the realm of international trade and credit evaluation.

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