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365 Cyber-Check Report​

Conduct business with confidence, compete with multiple cyber threats.

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We present 365 Cyber-Check reports, in partnership with industry leader CRIF, to safeguard your digital world. We provide comprehensive cybersecurity assessments and insights, ensuring the security and resilience of your online presence.

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Our Key Features

Take control of your cyber risks with Credilit

Domain Risk Analysis

Finds all domains connected to you and their associated cyber risks.

Phishing Risk

Checks that your websites are not hosting dangerous content

Sites and Certificates Risk

Checks your websites are maintained and security certificates are up to date.

Service Riak Analysis

Finds all services/software running on your domains and their associated cyber risks.

Malware Risk Analysis

Identify whether domain owned by the organisation are being used or impersonated to host phishing or malware

Comparative Risk

Provides a comparison of your cyber risk exposure to that of similar companies.

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Insights and Updates

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Our 365 cyber-check report is to protect businesses from cyber risks. Get in touch with our team to find out what Credilit can do for you and get started on your journey with us.

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