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Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd.

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Gladtrust, established in 2006, specializes in credit risk management for domestic and international clients. Holding a coveted Business Credit Reference License from the People's Bank of China, they maintain a vast database covering information on 225 million Chinese companies. Credilit Limited proudly partners with Gladtrust for essential business credit reports and global support.

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In-Depth of GladTrust

Gladtrust Management Co., Ltd., founded in September 2006, has been a dedicated provider of credit risk management services since its inception. Serving both domestic and international clients, Gladtrust plays a pivotal role in assisting businesses to credit-check new and existing customers and suppliers, aiming to mitigate risks and foster business growth. In a significant milestone in 2014, Gladtrust obtained the Business Credit Reference License issued by the People's Bank of China (PBOC), positioning itself among the first 14 companies to receive this license. As a crucial partner to Chinese governments, Gladtrust actively contributes to the establishment of local social credit systems.

Gladtrust offers a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing credit reports, credit monitoring, debt collection, and database products. The clientele spans various industries, including insurance companies, financial institutions, banks, law firms, chambers of commerce, exporters and importers, and manufacturers on a global scale.

With the ownership of the largest database in China, aggregating comprehensive information on over 225 million Chinese companies, Gladtrust has developed CreditVision, a unique English online searching platform in China. This platform allows international users to access information on Chinese companies using various identifiers, such as their English name, Unified Social Credit Code, and AIC Registration number.

In a strategic collaboration, Credilit Limited has established a prominent partnership with GladTrust to offer international business credit reports to Bangladeshi banks, financial institutions, and businesses. This partnership enables GladTrust to provide detailed reports on any Chinese company within 1 to 5 hours upon demand, reinforcing Credilit Limited's commitment to delivering timely and valuable financial solutions to its clients in Bangladesh. Together, Credilit Limited and GladTrust contribute to enhancing the transparency and efficiency of international business transactions, fostering trust and informed decision-making in the Bangladeshi market.

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