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Professional Partner SIA (ProPartner), a licensed and insured agency, specializes in debt collection and credit risk management. They provide high-level services and reliable credit reports, enabling clients to make crucial business decisions. Committed to ensuring a safer business environment, ProPartner prioritizes expertise and ethics, putting clients' needs first. Credilit Limited is proud to partner with Professional Partner for effective risk management and trustworthy information.

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In Depth of ProPartner

Professional Partner SIA (ProPartner) stands as a fully licensed and insured agency specializing in debt collection and credit risk management. With a commitment to delivering high-level services, ProPartner aims to provide clients with a clear vision of the risks associated with their economic activities. Built on a foundation of expertise and ethics, ProPartner ensures a professional approach, understanding the significance of representing clients responsibly. The agency places a strong emphasis on never taking unexpected actions, ensuring clients are not unpleasantly surprised. Additionally, ProPartner offers accurate and reliable credit reports and commercial and marketing information, enabling customers to make crucial business decisions.

At Professional Partner, there is a dedicated commitment to making the world a safer place for businesses and professionals by providing information that can be fully relied upon. In a landscape where debt collection and credit risk management pose significant challenges, even for strong organizations, ProPartner offers high-performance solutions and reliable forecasting to minimize losses. The agency believes in the philosophy that "there are no unsolvable tasks; there are unasked questions" and places clients' success as its top priority.

With a team boasting over 8 years of experience in credit reports, debt collection (both legal and pre-trial), marketing services, and credit risk insurance, Professional Partner has collaborated with renowned companies such as Euler Hermes, Atradius, Sinosure, and many others. Today, the company ranks among the top 5 Eastern European companies providing marketing and credit information on legal entities. Notably, Professional Partner is the sole company offering online searches of any legal entity registered in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Kazakhstan, and Russia through its own online search engine.

Credilit Limited proudly partners with Professional Partner to provide business credit reports and debt collection services for Bangladeshi banks, financial institutions, and businesses. This collaboration aligns with Credilit Limited's commitment to delivering valuable financial solutions, further empowering businesses in Bangladesh with reliable information and efficient credit risk management. Together, Credilit Limited and Professional Partner contribute to the success and security of businesses in the Bangladeshi market.

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